Harder Erections Step by Step


Most men recognize that harder erections mean better sex. Unfortunately, due to a wide variety of factors including stress, age, inadequate circulation or other causes, many men don't experience the quality of erection they would like. This can lead to less than successful sex and subsequent low self-esteem.

Luckily there are many steps you can take to make your erections harder. All it takes is a little bit of your time and energy. Harder erections are within your grasp.

Pumping for harder erections

Penis enlargement pumps create vacuum pressure around the penis, drawing more blood into your erection. That gives a noticeable, though temporary, boost to the size of your erection and makes it harder, too.

There are only two downsides to this. First, the gains are temporary. Second, excessive pumping can lead to skin irritation and ugly broken blood vessels. Read Penis pumping for more on this topic.

Cock rings for harder erections

Cock rings work by trapping blood in your penis. More blood means harder erections, and orgasms are much more intense when wearing a cock ring. There's also a nicely impressive "lift" created by wearing a cock ring that boosts the ego.

Read Cock Ring FAQ for more information on cock rings and how they give you a harder erection.

Harder erections from penis enlargement pills

Top-quality penis enlargement pills increase size by boosting the body's circulation. This leads to more blood in the penis during arousal, and harder erections.

The best pills also contain herbal ingredients that act as aphrodisiacs and that support male prostate health -- both which add to erectile quality and result in a much harder erection when it counts. Learn more about penis enlargement pills here. Some muscle building supplements, such as Ultra Edge XL, are also showing promising results for harder erections.

Kegel exercises for harder erections

Pumping up the PC muscle through kegel exercises both improves genital circulation and therefore the hardness of erections. Kegel exercises are straight-forward, simple and easy to learn.

Learn more about kegel and other exercises for harder erections.

Combining a top-quality penis enlargement pill, a regime of kegel exercises and a cock ring is the best way to get harder erections for those moments when they really matter.