Free jelqing techniques for penis enlargement

Want a bigger penis? Give yourself a hand


By now, just about everyone has heard of the penis enlargement exercise known as "jelqing" or "the jelq." According to some sources, this penis enlargement exercise started in Arabia, where fathers instructed their sons in this type of daily exercise to help increase their potency and to prepare them for sex.

But since you don't have an Arab father, we'll tell you all about these free jelqing techniques.

Jelqing step 1: the warm-up

Best results are achieved from the jelq if you warm up first. Warming up increases blood flow to the penis, maximizing the gains you'll see from each jelqing session.

To warm up, take a hot shower or bath. Alternately, run a hand towel under hot water and apply it to your penis for a few minutes. Don't start jelqing until your genitals are feeling nice and warm.

Jelqing step 2: the pull

Lay down and put a little lube on your penis (this helps to prevent chafing). Your penis should be about halfway between soft and hard.

Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis and stroke your fingers toward the end of your penis. Be sure that the thumb and finger completely circle your penis, or the jelq is doing no good. You don't want any blood to escape.

Now, using the thumb and index finger of your other hand, repeat the motion. The goal is to push blood from the shaft of your penis into the head of the penis. Be gentle, though -- if you're too rough, jelqing can lead to broken blood vessels.

Keep going for 100-200 strokes.

What not to do when jelqing

If you experience pain, stop instantly. Don't try jelqing again until the pain has passed -- and be more gentle!

If your penis gets hard, stop jelqing and wait for it to subside to about half-erect.

If you feel like you're about to reach orgasm, stop. You can masturbate when you're done.

Don't give up! Results take time and dedication, but jelqing really does work. In one British study, 87% of subjects experienced positive results - on average, increases of about 1.4 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. Keep up your exercises every day, for a year, for best results.

For even bigger gains, combine jelqing with a top-quality penis enlargement pill and daily exercises for harder erections. You'll be a stallion in no time.