Penis Enlargement Exercises - A Free Guide


Penis enlargement exercises really do work. When done properly, you can add a respectable amount of length and girth to your penis. The only downside is, many men aren't willing to devote the time (about 10 minutes a day) and the effort necessary to make a real difference. Best results aren't seen until a full year after you start the program. So get going today.

When done improperly, penis enlargement exercises can lead to injury. And nobody, nobody wants that. So follow these guidelines to help prevent damage.

Penis enlargement exercise #1: Stretching

Stretching to enlarge your penis produces the same results as those hanging-weights systems we've all heard about. Stretching is best done before jelqing, as jelqing requires lube. Stretching your penis extends the ligament that attaches your penis to the pelvis, and results in a bigger penis both when flaccid and when erect.

Stretching is pretty straightforward: simply grasp your penis near the head. Get a firm grip, but be careful of the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the shaft. Stretching the dorsal nerve can be bad.

Gently pull until your penis is at a medium stretch. Hold for two seconds. Now, increase the pull until your penis is at maximum stretch. Hold for another two seconds, then let your penis relax.

Do 75 repetitions (about 5 minutes) of this stretch.

Don't grip so tightly that you cut off blood circulation. And, as your penis stretching increases, you will need to pull even harder to feel the same level of stretching. All the same, don't overdo it and injure yourself.

Penis enlargement exercise #2: Jelqing

Jelqing is the most well-known of penis enlargement exercises -- and possibly the most attempted. Jelqing is pretty straight forward -- read our page devoted to jelqing to learn the steps.

Penis enlargement exercise #3: V-stretch

This exercise is similar to the stretch outlined above, but the V stretch applies additional pressure to the ligament and can result in even more dramatic results.

When stretching, simply take your free hand and press down lightly on the top of your penis (keep the pressure light, so as not to injure the dorsal nerve). This extra step changes and multiplies the pressure being exerted on the ligaments of the penis, and can lead to even more dramatic results. The V-stretch should probably be incorporated into your penis enlargement exercises after you feel that regular stretching is no longer useful or productive.

About 75 reps, or five minutes, of these exercises should be performed at a time.

Other types of penis enlargement exercises

Basically all other forms of penis enlargement exercises are variations on the stretch and the jelq. There are numerous variants, sometimes with dramatic names like "The Ultimate Jelq" or "Omega Power Stretch," but they're just modifications to these exercises.

It's perfectly acceptable to invent your own versions of grips for stretching or jelqing, or even your own exercises. As long as you understand the principles behind them, your own versions of penis enlargement exercises should be just as effective.

How penis enlargement pills can boost your gains

A top-quality penis enlargement pill can increase the effects of your penis enlargement exercises. Good penis enlargement pills not only enhance circulation and blood flow, they also stimulate testosterone production and even prostate function. So consider adding a penis enlargement pill to your daily exercise regimen.