The Penis Pump Evaluated

To pump or not to pump?


A lot of websites are promoting the use of a penis pump or other vacuum-operated device for penis enlargement. Many of our visitors ask -- does the penis pump system work? Can you really increase the size of your penis by this method?

The answer is yes -- and no. A penis pump can offer temporary enlargement, but permanent gains brought about by pumping can do more harm than good.

The penis pump principle

The principle at work behind penis pumps is pretty simple and straightforward. By creating suction, or vacuum pressure, around the penis, the pump forces more blood into your penis. This extra blood swells the corpora cavernosa and increases the size of your erection.

The penis enlargement associated with a penis pump is temporary gain only. Within a relatively short period (2 hours at most), your penis will return to its normal size. Some men have successfully used a penis pump before a sexual encounter only to have an "Oh my God" moment with their partner when, some time later, their penis shrinks down to its normal size.

Using a penis pump for permanent enlargement

There are some things you should consider before trying to use a penis pump for enlargement.

First and foremost, extended use of a penis pump can cause some of the same ill effects that overuse of a cock ring can cause. These include broken blood vessels and an extremely painful condition in which the blood in your penis begins to coagulate. If this happens, you'll know right away -- because it hurts like hell. Go to the emergency room immediately.

Second, the method by which a penis pump works is less gentle and more traumatic than stretching or even jelqing. Extended sessions with a penis pump tend to rupture the chambers of the corpora cavernosa. This in effect gives you a permanent increase in penis size, at the cost of the firmness of your erection. Your erection will now have a softer, "spongier" feeling that's simply not a good thing.

A penis pump can be great for masturbation or sex play. But it's not a good penis enlargement method. Instead, try our exercises combined with a good penis enlargement pill for real, permanent gains.