Average Penis Size

How much is enough?


The question of average penis size has haunted men for a long time. Starting in the high school locker room, men have been comparing penis sizes the same way they compare cars or golf scores. Whether you consider this phenomenon silly or serious, it is real.

Why do men care about average penis size?

Most guys understandably want to know whether their penis is average size (ho hum), above average (yeah!) or below average size (yikes!). For most guys, this isn't a sexual thing -- it's a numbers thing. Men love to measure and compare different things (the world's leading mapmakers, architects, surveyors -- all men). This fascination with penis size is simply another extension of this male urge to document, record and compare.

So what's the average penis size?

Average penis size, before erection, is approximately 5.5 inches. This data is based on four separate studies conducted into penis size, plus an ongoing online study.

One of the problems with these size studies is that most men overestimate their size. That is to say, consciously or unconsciously, men give themselves a little bit more than they really have (up to half an inch). The figure above, 5.5 inches on average, is the most accurate average possible with current data.

Does average penis size vary with race?

Lots of people are curious about the role race plays in penis size. Before we address this question, please keep this in mind:

Having said all that -- yes, there is a difference in average penis size. Generally speaking, average penis size is proportional to overall size, and therefore taller and bigger men usually have bigger penises.

Studies conducted on average penis size and race have found very small discrepancies, ranging from .1 to .25 inches, between men of differing races.

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