Penis Stretching for Penis Enlargement

Does it work?


If you've been looking around for different methods on penis enlargement, then you know that there are a few devices with funny names that promise to enlarge your penis by stretching it. We get emails asking from time to time asking whether penis stretching really works for penis enlargement.

The short answer is yes, it does work.

But, believe it or not, it doesn't work better than doing your own penis stretches. And it's tons less expensive to simply do your own penis enlargement exercises without overpaying for some gimmicky strap-on device.

How penis stretching works

Your penis is anchored to your pelvis by a ligament. Although this ligament keeps your penis from being as long as it could be, it does serve an important purpose. This ligament is what keeps your penis pointed upright when you have an erection.

Some penis enlargement surgery techniques involve snipping this particular ligament. That gives you extra length -- but the downside is, your erection now points at your toes. Weird, huh?

Penis stretching is the process of gradually extending this ligament over time, thus lengthening your penis. The ligament stretches just like your muscles stretch before a workout, and as you know regular stretching makes you more limber. It's the same principle.

How penis stretching devices work

Penis stretching gear does pretty much the same thing, only the pressure is applied for extended periods of time. So you experience gains slightly faster this way.

On the other hand, it's not exactly healthy to subject your penis to prolonged sessions of stretching. Overstretching can cause broken blood vessels, swelling and even dislocation of that important ligament. Some devices hold the penis in such a way as to inhibit blood flow, which is counterproductive to say the least. Lack of circulation leads to numbness, swelling and even tissue damage in extreme cases.

Our recommendation? Avoid penis stretching equipment. If you want a larger penis, start your own penis enlargement regimen consisting of: