Ageless Male: Does It Really Work?

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Now that Ageless Male is getting a lot of attention in the world of supplements it's time to dig in and take a closer look at what it is, how effective it is and whether or not it's safe to use.

First of all, although Ageless Male is primarily marketed as a testosterone booster, the manufacturer is also touting its benefits as a male enhancement supplement. This is probably due to the increasing awareness of the debilitating effects of erectile dysfunction, or ED, and the ever growing number of men, both young and old, who are looking for ways to hold off or reverse the causes of this devastating condition.

Ageless Male is primarily designed as a testosterone booster with the goal of overcoming the effects of low testosterone, or Low T, but the question is - does it work?

What Are The Benefits Of Ageless Male?

Ageless Male

When talking about the benefit claims of Ageless Male you don't need to look any further than the basic benefits provided by any properly formulated supplement of its kind. These include increasing the production of testosterone levels, boosting energy and stamina levels, both in work outs and in sexual activity, facilitating the growth of lean muscle mass and improving sexual drive and performance.

Ageless Male: How Does It Work?

Increasing testosterone levels is a goal of many male enhancement supplements and Ageless Male is no different. And, for those men seeking help with low testosterone issues these supplements are a great alternative to costly prescription medications.

And, since many prescription medications will eventually lead to problems associated to side effects, many savvy men are turning to safer, natural male enhancement supplements. Although Ageless Male definitely fits into this category there are questions as to whether or not Ageless Male deserves to be considered one of the top choices.

As stated, Ageless Male's formula contains ingredients purported to boost testosterone levels. It also contains numerous ingredients that may not be directly designed to boost testosterone but offer a number of benefits that indirectly help men with Low T.

Ageless Male Ingredients: How Do They Compare?

Even though Ageless Male contains some of the requisite ingredients needed to be included in the category of serious male enhancement supplements, it is our finding that it does not measure up very well compared to many of leading supplements in its class.

Looking at the specific ingredients in Ageless Male you will find Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin, all of which are associated with producing an increase in testosterone levels in the user's body. Among these, Fenugreek offers the greatest benefit and, because of that, is consistently included in all top testosterone boosting supplements.

What all that said, the question is - why doesn't Ageless Male stack up to these other top male enhancement supplements?

The answer is fairly simple - The problem with Ageless Male can be found in the total quantities of these critical ingredients. Based on the overall lack of sufficient quantities it is plain to see that, if you don't have enough of one or multiple ingredients, you are highly unlikely to get the same benefits as a supplement that contains significantly more of the key ingredients.

Ageless Male: User Reviews

Any useful review should consider public comments and testimonials from users. When checking on that we found that the vast majority of Ageless Male user reviews were generally negative.

The single most noteworthy review we found came from a man who stated that, after having taken Ageless Male for an extended period of time, decided to have a blood test to see if there was any measurable increase in his testosterone levels. Unfortunately, he was quite upset to discover that there were no measurable increase in testosterone blood levels.

Given this particular review and the overwhelming majority of negative reviews among users it is clear that Ageless Male is not a big hit with actual users. And, when compared to the largely positive reviews for the top male enhancement supplements it is yet another strong indicator that this product does not belong in the top tier of similar products.

Based on the personal reviews we read, we would not recommend this supplement to our readers (at least not over many of the other testosterone boosters we have reviewed). We have seen and experienced much more positive feedback from some of the other supplements we have written reviews for on this site.

For a closer look at these top tier male enhancement supplements click here.

Ageless Male: Are There Any Side Effects?

One positive for Ageless Male is that we could not find any indications that its users experienced any adverse side effects. This is not a surprise as there is nothing within the products ingredients list that is known to produce any kind of negative side effect.

Furthermore, since all of these ingredients are all natural it is extremely unlikely that a user would experience any adverse side effects as long as they stick to recommended dosage instructions.

Fortunately, we did not see anything in regards to side effects when we were researching this product. None of the reviews we read stated anything (positive or negative) about side effects.

Ageless Male: The Positives

  • Contains some ingredients associated with producing testosterone
  • Designed to increase sexual drive and performance
  • A user-friendly website
  • Competitively priced versus similar products

Ageless Male: The Negatives

  • Low quantities of key ingredients
  • Overwhelmingly negative user reviews
  • Not among the top tier of male enhancement supplements

Ageless Male: The Final Word

Clearly, Ageless Male is not among the top tier of male enhancement supplements but it is hardly a bad product when to compared to many of the mediocre or lesser products on the market today.

One could argue that, at its more than competitive price, Ageless Male is a good deal being that it contains so many critical ingredients at such a low price. Sure, but if you are suffering from low testosterone levels and you want to remedy that, then saving a few dollars and not getting the desired results does not seem like a good deal to us.

Let's remember what we're talking about here. Men experiencing low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, lower energy and stamina levels, decreased sex drive and performance are not going to solve those problems with a product that slightly less expensive than its competitors. More likely, they will solve their issues with a product well recognized as being among the most safe and effective on the market today.

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