Cnidium Monnier


Cnidium monnier is the eponymous trade name of the herb cnidium monnieri, a plant that is found in China. The seeds of cnidium monnier are used for several different purposes in traditional Chinese medicine. Male libido enhancement is just one of the uses the Chinese have found for cnidium monnier. Preliminary laboratory studies indicate that cnidium monnier is a powerful antifungal, antihistamine, antibacterial and maybe even her anti-cancer properties.

Cnidium monnier is a far more effective libido enhancer when combined with other libido- and virility-enhancers like yohimbe and maca.

What does cnidium monnier do?

Cnidium monnier contains a natural form of the compound 4-methylpiperazine, which boosts the body's ability to release nitric oxide and greatly increases the body's ability to create cGMP (read more about cGMP on the herbal Viagra page). Nitric oxide helps to relax smooth muscle tissue and enhances blood flow. This enhanced blood flow is vital to achieving and maintaining erections.

L-arginine has a similar ability to enhance the body's natural nitric oxide and circulation capacity. Research has shown that nitric oxide released by the sperm also help to fertilize the egg in a woman's uterus -- so cnidium monnier and other compounds that boost the body's nitric oxide production might boost fertility.

Effects of cnidium monnier

Side effects of cnidium monnier

There are no known reports of negative side effects or harmful effects of cnidium monnier.

Has any research been done on cnidium monnier?

Not very much. Researchers have done preliminary studies on cnidium monnier just to discover what exactly it consists of. There is an established connection between cnidium monnier and nitric oxide production, but scientists haven't taken the time to specifically research the sexual effects of cnidium monnier.

Is cnidium monnier an effective virility enhancer?

Yes. Anecdotal evidence is our best tool to measure the effectiveness of cnidium monnier. And anecdotal evidence suggests that cnidium monnier works for most men. Again, it boosts both the body's production of nitric oxide and helps destroy the cGMP compounds that can prevent erections.

Cnidium monnier works much better when combined with other virility enhancement herbs and compounds.

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