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There is nothing more important to a man's sense of self-confidence than the knowledge that he can satisfy a woman. Without that confidence a man's sense of self-worth is always on shaky ground. This kind of self-doubt can have incredibly negative effects on everything in his life from the way he deals with women to the way he projects himself in the world and how the world perceives him.

Now, there may be many factors in how a man sees himself and how the rest of the world looks at him and, clearly, some of these factors are easy for everyone to see. For example, if a man is not blessed with average to above average height then he is far more likely to have some psychological issues that could affect how he deals with people in general. Some people refer to this condition as the Napoleon Complex which points toward the tendency of some shorter men trying to overcompensate for their lack of height with an overly aggressive posture toward the people around him. In some milder cases the can be a good thing in the sense that it allows a man who might otherwise be overlooked or marginalized in certain situations to become more assertive and, in the process, to get what he wants or what he deserves.

Another obvious factor that can have an adverse effect on a man's confidence level include baldness, which can be a crushing limitation on how a man feels about himself given that, no matter what some women say, there is ample evidence that women strongly tend to desire men with a great head of hair. Add to that the concern that many men have about their bodies and you have the potential for an even greater confidence crisis. That's right, even though society loves to talk the problems that women suffer from related to their body image, there are plenty of men who are constantly reminded that their bodies are not attractive to the opposite sex. It's like everything else in this world which seems to live by the Goldilocks theory - some things are just too big or too small and only things that fall within some very narrow parameters can be considered just right. Still, no matter what a man may look like at first glance, there is something that many men who don't look like movie stars know - The ability to perform in bed and the confidence that men who know they can exude is a great equalizer when it comes to getting and bedding a highly desirable woman - just ask all those guys we all see out there walking around with a woman who is clearly out of his league in a physical sense.

The bottom line here is that a man who knows that he can deliver the goods projects that confidence in everything he does and that shines through with everything he does, everyone he interacts with and every woman he pursues. And, for men who have the kind of doubts about their manhood that keep them from being that guy, there is something that can help turn his life around - it's called a male enhancement supplement.

Changing Your Life


Yes, a male enhancement supplement which is designed to increase blood flow to the penis in order to create larger, harder and longer lasting erections are a critical resource to men all around the world and especially for men over thirty. This is because, after thirty, almost all men begin to see a decline in the production of testosterone and the increasing sexual dysfunction that goes with it. The simple fact is that, as we age, our bodies cannot continue to function the way they did during our peak years of our twenties where we had strong muscles, lots of energy, an insatiable libido and the physical ability to go at it in bed over and over again with no worries about our ability to perform. So, even though many of us have lost some of that power, we are fortunate enough to have access to these male enhancement products that can help us return to being the men we used to be. The only real problem comes when trying to decide which of the hundreds of products available on the market today is right for us.

With all that in mind and, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best products available we have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement products out there today - it's called Extagen.

About Extagen

Extagen is a widely known male enhancement supplement that is produced in the USA by Extagen Products. On the company's official website they claim that Extagen has been the number one male enhancement product for the fifteen years and has sold more the twenty million capsules.

For those who may be looking for information regarding the ingredients of Extagen you may be deeply disappointed because Extagen has decided that they want to keep their proprietary blend of the "highest grade, lab quality herbs, nutraceuticals and phyto-nutrients" to themselves by labeling it "top secret." Now, this may protect their formula from being copied by competitors but it does little to help potential customers understand if it is right for them.

As for the Extagen website it is very modern, clean and well-designed. What it is not is informative. In fact, the site is really just a slick ongoing advertisement loaded with semi-anonymous reviews and testimonials from supposedly satisfied woman who sent in videos to than Extagen for making the men into real rock hard power horses.

Independent User Reviews

Given that the user reviews and testimonials on the official Extagen website are exceedingly positive and that the site administrators note that the claims made on the site are extreme and not typical we set out to find as many independent user reviews as possible to see what real world users of Extagen had to say.

After a standard search of industry websites and chat rooms with no commercial connection to Extagen products that we could find we discovered a fair number of reviews from men who claimed to have used the product and from what we could see it is clear that the vast majority of independent users did not have a satisfactory experience with it. In fact, most of these negative reviews stated in one form or another that they experiences no appreciable results from using it.

Our Conclusion

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, there is nothing that destroys a man's confidence like the self-doubt that follows him around in everything he does because of his inability to form and maintain a rock hard erection on demand. So, for men who want to change the way they view the world around them and the woman in their life, nothing is more important than having the confidence that they can perform in bed with the best of them when the time comes. Fortunately, for most men that problem was solved with the advent of the modern male enhancement supplement. The only problem these men face is in deciding which of the multitude of products available is right for them.

When it comes to Extagen the evidence is clear - the manufacturer made the decision to keep their formula a secret from both their competitors, their customers and would be customers which makes it impossible for any intelligent consumer to know what they are getting or if there are any potential health risks involved. Add to that the fact that their official website is little more than a glorified selling machine filled with unverifiable testimonials and seemingly never ending string of text that reads like an continuous sales pitch and a highly negative set of independent user reviews stretching across the internet and it's hard to see how any serious reviewer to recommend Extagen as a top choice for a male enhancement supplement.

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