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We understand why you're here: if you want to increase your penis size, then why not trust a website like SizeReview.com? Here, we do our best to make sure we give you the latest, most effective, and most factual information about everything that has to do with penis size. But today, we're going to talk about more than just that. We're going to talk about the goal of all goals: complete and total natural male enhancement.

It's one thing to increase the size of your penis - sure, it makes you feel great about yourself when you look in the mirror and it can definitely make sex more pleasurable for your partner. But what about all the other aspects of male enhancement that you lose sight of if you are focused on inches only? What about the size, stiffness, and endurance of your erections? What about having the stamina to go all night long? What about just feeling in the mood in the first place? Sometimes, it's quality as well as quantity that you want to strive for. And our review experts have recently discovered that if you take Extendagen male enhancement pills, it will be much easier to achieve these goals.

Over time, yes, using Extendagen will help you gain some serious length as well as thickness in your penis, even when your love log is at rest. But that isn't all it does. It starts buy it utilizing Mother Nature's power to jack up your testosterone levels with natural herbs and botanicals. From there, your surging hormone levels will improve the quality of your erections along with your ability to achieve them in the first place. You'll have tons of energy and stamina in bed, and you'll be able to please your partner in ways you never knew were possible. You'll also start enjoying sex more on your end because the quality of your orgasms and your ability to control them will be more potent than ever. You may even be able to reduce your rebound time and increase overall orgasmic quantity, too.

ExtendagenExtendagen Ingredients

Obviously, the most important part about what makes Extendagen so effective is its ingredients. Without good ingredients, you simply can't have an effective male enhancement product, period. Our review experts took a good, hard look at the ingredients in Extendagen, and they were pleasantly surprised. The manufacturer has clearly spared no expense in order to source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world. Most male enhancement pills that cost as much or more usually have half as many effective ingredients, if that. On top of everything, Extendagen is produced in GM-certified American manufacturing facilities, which hold themselves to the highest standard of quality control.

  • Cnidium Monnieri - Works in tandem with l-arginine. Together, these two natural ingredients produce a synergistic effect. They both work hard to increase your nitric oxide levels, dilating your blood vessels and sending blood flowing freely and abundantly throughout your body - especially during sexual arousal
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa - Reduces the activity of enzymes in your body that are responsible for erectile dysfunction. It prevents these enzymes from reducing blood flow through the corpus callosum to the other major vessels in your penis
  • Catuaba Bark - A Brazilian cure for infertility and impotence that is reportedly so strong, men who take it regularly can still father children into their 50s and 60s
  • Muira Puama (Potency Wood) - A powerful aphrodisiac that grows wild in South American rainforests. it is one of the most potent libido enhancers known to man
  • GABA - This neurotransmitter can be found in your brain and is most abundant when you are happy and relaxed. It can help you experience more pleasurable orgasms and increase your climax control
  • Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus terrestris comes from Southwest Asia originally. It is well-known for maximizing your testosterone levels, which helps improve physical and sexual performance
  • L-arginine - This amino acid serves many important functions in your body, the most important of which is increasing nitric oxide levels in your blood for enhanced blood flow
  • Maca - Micah is a special route from South America that has been used for centuries to improve fertility and libido as well as alleviate problems with impotence
  • Horny Goat Weed - Thousands of years ago, livestock farmers noticed this herb was capable of increasing fertility and sexual desire and people as well as animals

How Much Does Extendagen Cost?

The upcoming debut of Extendagen is going to retail for $99.95 USD per one month supply. After everything else we learned about Extendagen, we were shocked that the manufacturer could afford to sell it at such a low price point. But then again, they are saving you both time and money by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you online instead of through a retail store. This does help them keep costs down. It also helps you avoid judgy looks from supplement store cashiers or the clerks at your local pharmacy by shipping your supply directly to your front door in discreet, unmarked packaging. Initially, Extendagen will be sold through their exclusive Amazon store page, but as demand rises and popularity grows, be on the lookout for better deals from other online retailers.

How Effective Is Extendagen?

Extendagen has definitely impressed our product testers better than most of the other male enhancement supplements we've tried so far. It can revolutionize your sex life as well as your overall health and wellness. It will leave both you and your partner completely satisfied by achieving every imaginable male enhancement goal. Your higher testosterone levels will result in higher sexual appetite, better sexual endurance, and reduce any problems you may be experiencing with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In fact, you'll be achieving some of the best erections you've ever had and, over time, easily measurable gains in both girth and length. We highly recommend heading over to their Amazon store page for more information on how to get your first bottle of Extendagen.

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