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All around the world and throughout history men have had to deal with the onset of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction as they move past the peak physical years they enjoyed in their twenties. The reason for this is simple - as men reach thirty their systems begin to slow down and a number of unwanted consequences begin to set in such as loss of muscle tone, increased fat build up and the beginning stages of these sexual problems.

At first this sexual dysfunction usually shows itself in the form of a lowered sex drive or libido which, in itself, can lead to relationship issues as women often see a decline in sexual interest as a reflection on the man's desire and feelings for her. The more problematic consequences come when the man begins to have problems forming and keeping a firm erection. This then often leads to issues surrounding embarrassment and a lack of confidence on the part of the man who then has to deal with the mental anguish associated with not knowing if he will be able to perform when the time comes. This often becomes a cyclical problem as the inability to form a solid erection becomes a reason for the man to doubt his ability which causes stress that prevents him forming that erection - and round and round the mental wheel goes.

Fortunately, men living in the twenty-first century where science and medicine have come together to produce the modern male enhancement supplement, now have a means to help alleviate many of these issues.

With all that in mind we, as part of our continuing efforts to help or readers find the best products available to them have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about products on the market today - it's called Formula 41 Extreme.

About Formula 41 Extreme

Formula Extreme 41

Despite having an official website there is little to no company information posted there which tells consumers much of anything regarding who produces Formula 41 Extreme, where it's made or how it's made.

The official website does offer considerable information related to the science behind the issues of male sexual dysfunction and how the formula for Formula 41 Extreme claims to address them. However, it should be noted that what little information they provide regarding research, clinical studies or trials related mainly to the individual ingredients themselves and not the specific amounts and percentages used in their own formulation of these elements. In other words, there is no direct evidence that any studies or trials have been performed on the specific Formula 41 Extreme formulation.

Active Ingredients

The following is a list of active ingredients in Formula 41 Extreme:

  • L-Arginine: Known for its considerable testosterone boosting capabilities and the simulative effects on penis growth this element is key to the rapid expansion process that is part of the overall design with Formula 41 Extreme.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Works to significantly increase blood flow to the two main arteries of the penis known as the Corpus Cavernosum. This increased blood flow results in a rapid expansion in the length and girth of the erect penis.
  • Tongkat Ali: A product of the eastern regions of China this herb has been used and recognized by an ever growing population as a key natural element with a long history of being able to increase blood flow to the penis during periods of sexual arousal.
  • Maca Root: Another key element in the formulation of Formula 41 Extreme this herb is combined with the other key elements to bolster the effects on the flow of blood to the penis.
  • Muira Puama: Native to the regions around Brazil this natural herb is well-respected for its effect on libido as well opening arterial pathways to help increase the flow of blood.
  • American Wild Ginseng: Yet another herb from the Far East, this is added to boost the effectiveness of many of the other ingredients while promoting overall male health.
  • Oat Straw: Used to help support the integrity of blood vessels without any known adverse side effects.

Independent User Reviews

Surprisingly, the official website for Formula 41 Extreme does not appear to offer any user testimonials. We say "surprisingly' because most male enhancement products are eager to display user testimonials which they can hand select to show their product in the most positive light possible. Whatever the reason for this does not much matter for our concerns given that cherry picked testimonials on an official product site would have any real influence on our determinations. Instead, we choose to look for sources of more unbiased comments to help in our assessment of a products worth.

Looking at a number of unaffiliated industry websites and chat rooms discussing this matter we were able to come across a significant number of independent user reviews for Formula 41 Extreme. The vast majority of these would have to be classified as unfavorable. The most common theme among these negative reviews was simply that the users to not feel that the product lived up to its claims. In fact, most said that they received no tangible benefits from it, at all.


  • Claims to have a fast acting formula to increase penis size
  • Helps to get and maintain a firmer erection
  • Improves sexual stamina for longer lasting and fulfilling sex


  • No research, clinical studies or trials directly related to this specific formula
  • Overall poor user ratings from independent user reviews
  • Not test by or approved by the FDA

Medical Concerns

Although there are no listed ingredients that have any serious side effects that we are aware of it should be noted that L-Arginine is a synthetic chemical which some say does not tie into a completely all-natural formula. No matter what the determination is it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other similar product.

Pricing And Dosage Recommendations

There are multiple offers including bulk discounts offered for the purchase of Formula 41 Extreme on its official website. These range in price from $44.95 for a one month supply to $119.95 for a six month supply.

The recommended daily dosage for Formula 42 Extreme is two capsules per day.

The Final Verdict

As discussed at the top of this review, sexual dysfunction in some form will likely strike every man all around the world just as it has throughout history. The difference now is that science and medicine have combined to offer men living in the twenty-first century a wide variety of products designed help restore the lost vitality and the confidence that goes with it. The big question facing men looking to choose one of these products is which one they should try.

Taking all that is known about Formula 41 Extreme there are multiple factors that must be taken into consideration. The first is that the many fantastic claims made by the product are not directly supported by any verifiable or credible research, clinical studies or trials. The next major concern comes in the form of independent user reviews where a majority of those are highly negative in their view of this product.

In the end, taking everything into consideration, there is little evidence to support the notion that Formula 41 Extreme belongs in the same category as the most advanced formulations of male enhancement supplements.

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