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First of all, what every man needs to know is that what he's going through happens to just about every guy alive and who has ever lived if they were lucky enough to reach somewhere around the age of thirty. The reason for this is simple - all these men have moved past the peak physical years where testosterone is being produced at very high levels in order to help them reach full maturity. Now, whether it actually becomes noticeable around thirty or significantly later, the unmistakable signs start to set in. They may become with some loss of lean muscle mass and an increase in unwanted body fat but it could also include some loss of sexual drive and even performance related issues such as a loss of sexual stamina and endurance and even symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as issues forming and maintaining a rock solid erection.

Looking on the bright side of the problem there are now a new class of health aids known as male enhancement supplements which are a result of some great new advances in science and a merging of them with some often age old herbal remedies. Together they form the basis of what are most often pills which help to replenish the systems of aging men with the elements that their bodies are no longer providing in order to boost their own testosterone producing abilities.

The downside to these advances is that, because these supplements have become so popular and successful all around the world, pretty much any company that can produce a pill get it to market has either already done so or is in the process of making it happen. This influx of new products has left it saturated with literally hundreds of similar product. Many of them have shown themselves to be made with nearly all of the same ingredients and to be making largely similar claims. The result of this is that men interested in trying these new male enhancers is that choosing a quality product is only becoming more difficult as the quality can vary wildly even despite their many similarities.

Knowing all of this we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the best available products on the market, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements out there today - it's called Grow XL.

A Look Inside Grow XL

Grow XL

A relatively new product put out by Endovex which is a company based in the U.S. and producer of a wide array of other health product lines; Grow XL is said to be manufactured under some of the most tightly regulated laboratory conditions in the world as a way to ensure only the highest levels of safety, quality control and customer satisfaction.

The central promise being made by Grow XL can be found within its name - simply that means that this product boldly claims to definitively make a man's penis truly firmer, wider and longer, as well. Beyond that it also claims to promote a stronger sexual drive and improve stamina and endurance by raising testosterone and nitric oxide levels. Obviously this would most likely lead to longer, more robust sexual encounters for both men and the women they engage with. Finally, as stated on the official website, Grow XL has been chosen for use by a cadre of male adult film stars.

What's In Grow XL

Formulated to boost the production of both testosterone and nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream Grow XL has chosen a well-established list of ingredients which include:

  • Arginine: A widely acclaimed element essential to increasing sexual drive
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Perhaps the world's most widely used natural ingredient in raising the production levels for testosterone
  • Guarana: Well-known for its ability to increase blood flow directly to the penis
  • Citrus Aurantium: One of many all-natural ingredients used to boost sexual stamina and endurance levels

What The Science Says About Grow XL

It's one thing to look at the ingredients in a product to determine how safe and effective it might be but doing so only accounts for part of the equation. The other part comes into play when considering how those ingredients are put together in formula. A good way of looking at this would be say that a product with all of the best available ingredients but formulated with insufficient amounts is not likely be provide the best possible results. So, in order to help determine just how safe and effective a product might be it is best to look at data related to any research, studies of clinical testing that may have done on the product.

Looking at all the available information provided on the official website for Grow XL plus some external sources we were unable to locate any sources for this type of data.

What Independent User Reviews Have To Say

There is a well-known selling tool that most companies tend to use and that is the user testimonial or user reviews. These are known to have a great effect on consumer opinions but there is a rather obvious and inherent bias that goes along with them when they are used on producer controlled websites and other marketing materials. This is true as no seller is likely to include any commentaries which would be considered less than highly positive. Taking that into account we always seek out more independent sources of user reviews.

In a standard search of multiple industry websites with no apparent connection to Grow XL or its producer as well as several chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement supplements we came across numerous examples of independent user reviews for the product. Compiling the ratings it was clear that the vast majority of them expressed a rather negative view of the experiences with Grow XL. In short, the most common points seemed to be that Grow XL did not provide the benefits that it claimed to in any significant way.

Are There Any Health Risks?

Taking into consideration that the known list of ingredients used in the production of Grow XL are widely used if not common within the industry for this type of product we can see no reason for serious concern when it comes to health risks or dramatic side effects with their use by healthy males. That said, it is always highly advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a regimen of this or any other product of a similar makeup.

How And Where To Buy Grow XL

To some surprise Grow XL is not currently available for purchase through its own official website. However, it can be bought through a number of online retail outlets. It should be noted that our research shows that pricing for the product does vary sharply among these purchasing platforms. At this time the best available price for a once month supply stands at $49.95.

Grow XL: Our Final Analysis

Men interested in growing the size of their erect penis for sexual confidence and performance have a number of options but the easiest and least expensive remains a high quality male enhancement supplement designed to do so.

With Grow XL there are only three key factors that need to be explored in order to know if it is a top choice in achieving that goal. One is to look at the ingredients used and, as noted, they are well within the industry standard. Another is the formulation of those ingredients and here there are questions as there appears to be no data available to the public that would support the producers many claims. The last is the fact that a strong majority of the independent user reviews that we encountered had a highly unfavorable view of their experience with this product.

Taking all of these factors into consideration there is little doubt that Grow XL has not yet reached the point where is can be rated as one of the best choices in male enhancement supplements.

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