Muira puama


Muira puama is a small tree that grows in the Amazon rain forest. The small white flowers have a powerful fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. The natives of the Amazon refer to muira puama as the "potency wood" tree and use a muira puama root-and-bark tea to remedy impotency and lack of libido. It's a powerful aphrodisiac and has been used in Brazil as such since the 1950s.

Muira puama isn't a well-researched herb. Read on to learn more.

What does muira puama do?

Muira puama contains an astonishing amount of complex chemical compounds, including fatty acids and fatty acid esters, alkaloids, acids and an alphabet soup of other compounds. Scientists have been researching the various compounds found in muira puama since the 1960s.

Muira puama has a variety of reported effects.

Effects of muira puama

Side effects of muira puama

No negative side effects of muira puama have ever been reported.

Has any research been done on muira puama?

Yes. Scientists in France tested muira puama as a remedy for impotence and found it effective on most of their patients. Researchers said that muira puama enhanced libido in 85% of their test group, increased the frequency of intercourse for 100% of the testers and improved the ability to maintain an erection in 90% of those involved in the trials. These are very good numbers - better even than Viagra. Consider that there were no side effects associated with muira puama and you see that this is a powerful herbal aphrodisiac.

Is muira puama an effective ingredient?

Yes. Herbal aphrodisiacs have come and gone, but muira puama seems to hang on year after year. Muira puama is one of the best natural compounds for libido and erection enhancement, hands down.

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