Yohimbe is the bark of an African tree. Like that other famous African plant hoodia gordonii, natives of Africa have used both the bark of the tree and purified bark extract for centuries for an energy boost, to increase sexual appetite and sexual function. Rumor has it that yohimbe bark has even been smoked for its hallucinogenic effects.

In this article, we'll stick to the aphrodisiac effects of yohimbe and possible side effects of yohimbe.

What does yohimbe do?

Current researchers aren't 100% certain exactly how yohimbe works. Here's what is known: yohimbe works throughout the nervous system to increase blood flow to the genitals. The result is a higher level of sexual performance and sensation. Whether the increase in sexual desire is a side effect of the increased blood flow or whether there is another cause is unknown. The best theory on yohimbe's action is that it works as an antagonist to alpha 2-adrenoceptors, and it also seems to boost the brain's levels of norepinephrine (the brain's sex chemical).

Yohimbe has even been shown to increase both the force and the quantity of a man's ejaculate, which makes it a good candidate for inclusion in volume pills.

There are many other alkaloids found in yohimbe bark which might be responsible for its aphrodisiac effects.

Has any research been done on yohimbe?

Yes. Yohimbe has been studied and its effects on both men and women are well-documented. Here are yohimbe's positive effects on both genders.

Effects of yohimbe

Side effects of yohimbe

Because of its powerful stimulant actions, yohimbe also has some side effects.

Yohimbe or yohimbine?

Yohimbe is the name used for both the whole bark of the yohimbe tree and the purified bark extract.

Yohimbine is an FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drug. It has been used for over 80 years with great success. Yohimbine is derived in part from the yohimbe plant.

Is yohimbe an effective ingredient?

Yes. Yohimbine is much more thoroughly researched than yohimbe, but still the powerful benefits of this herb cannot be denied. Yohimbe is one of the most effective ingredients found in the modern generation of libido enhancers and penis enlargement pills. We highly recommend choosing products that make use of this powerful ingredient.

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