Yohimbe - why isn't yohimbe in all penis enlargement pills?


You've probably heard all about yohimbe and how a chemical compound related to yohimbe was used to create prescription drugs like Viagra (sildenafil). At the same time, you've heard warnings about yohimbe - that it might have side effects for many men.

Nevertheless, yohimbe is a common ingredient in male virility supplements and penis enlargement pills. The purpose of this article is to explain the pros and cons of yohimbe specifically as it relates to penis enlargement.

So what is yohimbe?

Yohimbe is the bark of a West African tree. Much of the American supply of yohimbe bark comes from Nigeria.

Like many plants, yohimbe bark contains a cocktail of chemicals and alkaloids that can have interesting effects on the human body.

Many people are confused about the difference between yohimbe and yohimbine. The difference is simple but important: yohimbe is the whole bark, while yohimbine is the pharmaceutically-extracted active alkaloid that has the most powerful effects. (It's easier if you think of it like this: yohimbe is coffee, yohimbine is caffeine.)

Research into the active ingredient in yohimbe, the alkaloid yohimbine, allowed researchers to create the erection drug Viagra.

How does yohimbe work?

Yohimbe boosts the circulation throughout the body. This is especially significant for men because a man's erection is completely dependent on his circulation and this body's ability to get blood into the corpus cavernosa of the penis. Yohimbe allows men to achieve a harder, longer-lasting erection.

In men who are impotent or suffering from erectile dysfunction due to lack of circulation can achieve erections when using yohimbe.

So why doesn't every penis enlargement pill use yohimbe?

Yohimbe's most powerful effect is also it's side effect. By increasing circulation, yohimbe also increases the heart rate. This can cause heart palpitations in some men, especially those who are sensitive to stimulants. Using large amounts of yohimbe can be incredibly disruptive to sleep patterns. Men who have a heart condition should not use yohimbe.

In fact, yohimbe's stimulating effects are strong enough that, in some countries, yohimbe is a controlled substance the same way ephedra is now a controlled substance in the United States.

Now, this does not mean that yohimbe is dangerous. But it does mean that you should consider whether or not penis enlargement pills that contain yohimbe are right for you.

So should I choose yohimbe or not?

Whether or not to use a penis enlargement supplement containing yohimbe is ultimately your choice. You should be aware that those supplements not containing yohimbe will not be as effective as those that do. Read our penis enlargement pill reviews to discover whether or not each formula contains yohimbe.

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