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Everybody wants some. Yes, we're talking about sex and there's isn't a person alive who isn't interested in it, who doesn't want it or more of it. And, they don't want it just to be good; they want it to be great. The problem is, especially for men, that after the age of thirty things start to happen that make having great sex more difficult. From a natural loss of libido to an ever increasing likelihood that they will start to experience problems with forming and maintaining a firm erection, the symptoms of natural age related sexual dysfunction are all but guaranteed.

So, what's a guy who is leaving his peak physical years in the past supposed to do? Is he supposed to just accept the fact that he's not quite the man he used to be? Is he supposed to accept the fact that his confidence in his manhood will never be the same and that every time he has the opportunity to enjoy sex that he will have to face the erection deflating anxiety that comes with not knowing that he will be able to get it up and keep it up? And there's another question - What if he also has deal with the fact that his penis just isn't that big?

Let's face it, there are a lot of problems facing men when it comes to having sex with the kind of confidence that allows them to just enjoy without the worry that comes with not knowing if your penis is large enough to satisfy your woman or the embarrassment that comes with not being sure you will be able to get hard and stay hard. And, on top of all that, there's the problem of having the stamina and endurance to perform like a champ and then have enough left in the tank to do it again and again like a young man in his prime.

Looking at all of this issues makes it clear why there are so many products dedicated to helping men overcome these problems and get back to enjoying sex the way they used to or always wanted to but never did. And, if you haven't heard, the most common and sought after products of this nature are generally referred to as male enhancement supplements which are designed to restore the most critical elements that our bodies stop producing as we age but which are crucial to our ability to perform sexually.

With all that in mind, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that are right for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available today: ZyaTropin.

About ZyaTropin


Developed by PhytoHealth USA in cooperation with Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart of Thailand, ZyaTropin was formulated with an ambitious agenda according to information found on its official website. We say 'ambitious' because it claims to tackle areas of concern that most other male enhancement supplements don't claim. Usually, most male enhancement supplements focus on helping men build up their sense of sexual desire or libido and boost their ability to get and maintain an erection while providing them with the stamina to perform at a high level.

Again, according to the claims made on the official website, ZyaTropin can do all of that and much more including making your penis larger, produce larger quantities of semen which, in turn leads to more intense and longer lasting orgasms. It also claims to improve recovery times so that you can get right back to doing it all again.

ZyaTropin Ingredients

Although the manufacturer of ZyaTropin states that their exact formula is proprietary, which just means that they have chosen to keep the exact ingredients, amounts and percentages a secret for commercial reasons, they do share the two main active ingredients.

Butea Superba: Long recognized by many to have a great effect on boosting of sexual desire or libido this natural plant extract from Thailand is a common ingredient in most the best known formulations for male enhancement supplements.

L- Carnitine: Listed among the most widely used ingredients to promote blood flow throughout the body and especially the penile chambers this amino acid is critical to improved male sexual performance.

User Reviews

As one would expect, the official website for ZyaTropin includes a dedicated page for testimonials. However, as any experienced consumer realizes, companies generally use hand selected testimonials and user reviews as a marketing tool for their products, so, having a list of highly positive user reviews on the official website cannot be considered a great source of information when it comes to understanding what real users think of a product.

This being the case, we set out to find sources of more unbiased user reviews. In a standard internet search of industry related websites and chat rooms with no apparent affiliation with ZyaTropin or PhytoHealth USA we discovered a wealth of independent user reviews. In averaging them out it was found that the vast majority of them were quite negative in the views of ZyaTropin. Further analysis of these negative reviews showed that the most common complaint among them was the fact that these users generally did not find any perceptible benefit from its use even after an extended period.

Safety Concerns

Given that the manufacturer claims that the ingredient list for ZyaTropin is comprised of all-natural ingredients there are no discernible red flags when it comes to concerns over the safety of the product but that does not mean that there could be issues related to allergic reactions in some users or other problems related to known or unknown medical conditions. This being the case, it is always advisable to consult with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other similar product.

Pricing And Dosage Recommendations

A review of the purchasing page on the official website for ZyaTropin the cost of a one month supply is $39.99 with incremental discounts for larger orders. All orders come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The recommended dosage is two pills per day to be taken in the morning, the evening or up to one hour before sexual activity.

The Final Conclusion

As we mentioned at the top of this review, everybody wants to enjoy a full and rewarding sex life but the problems associated with the natural loss of certain critical elements due to aging make that particularly problematic for men over thirty. This, of course, is exactly why there has been such an explosion in the multi-billion dollar healthcare product industry and especially in the category of male enhancement supplements. The biggest issue facing men looking to take advantage of the many breakthroughs in this area comes when they try to find the supplement that will work best for them.

In looking at ZyaTropin we found that there are multiple factors that must be examined and considered in order to know where this particular product stands in relation to its competitors. The first of these is the formulation itself. Since the manufacturer has decided to make their formula proprietary there is no real way for reviewers or potential consumers to know just how well this product stacks up against its competition. Secondly, the information cited by the official website with regard to clinical studies and trials relates to the effectiveness of the key active ingredients used in ZyaTropin and not to the specific formula used in it.

Another thing to take into account is the broad claims made by ZyaTropin. As discussed, there are many supplements that claim to increase blood flow and boost libido but there are also some that are specifically target other concerns such as larger penis size and increases in semen production and the resulting intensity of orgasms that come with that. From what information that is provided on the official product website there is no evidence that we could see that justifies these added claims on a scientific basis.

In the end, there may be a lot of fantastic claims made by ZyaTropin but the evidence to support them all is lacking and when one considers the poor ratings offered by the many independent user reviews that we were able to find there is no real basis for ranking this product among the best available options in the male enhancement supplement market.

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