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You probably don't remember exactly when it happened but one day you started to realize that something in you had changed. That feeling that you had since you were are teenager when it came to thoughts of sex seemed to be fading just a little bit and it bothered you. Sure, you might have thought that as a mature man you could expect that overwhelming sense of sexual drive might diminish a little bit but this felt different and you didn't like. This realization might have even been more intense than that. It may have included some actual issues with performance.

The point is that, if you are a man around the age of thirty or older, it is perfectly natural to find yourself feeling a sense of diminished sex drive and even experience some symptoms of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that as men surpass full physical maturity their systems begin to slow down and they start to lose the capacity to produce testosterone at the same high level that they had always been able to do since they were in their teens and twenties. This is critical since this crucial male hormone is responsible for a multitude of things that define what a man is. This includes the ability to produce large amounts of lean muscle and burn unwanted fat. It also plays a big role in providing a man with a high level of sexual drive and even his ability to perform at a high level in bed. Now, as bad as all of that is there is something that can change all of that and, after centuries of frustration for men all over the world, they all now have access to something called a male enhancement supplement.

For those guys who may not be that familiar with these modern health aids what they should know is that they are generally made with all-natural ingredients, are usually non-prescription and are designed to provide the male body with all of the elements necessary to replenish the systems responsible for testosterone production in order to jump start the production process and get aging men back to feeling and acting like they did during their peak physical years.

The one big problem that has come about because of all this success and great popularity of these enhancement supplements is that the marketplace for them has become flooded with newer products which have been largely shown to be less effective than the best that the industry has to offer. This is true even though many of them claim to contain basically all the same types of ingredients and make nearly of the same types of claims. Predictably, this has led to a great deal of confusion and frustration among male consumers as they struggle to figure which of the now literally hundreds of products out there is right for them.

Because of this we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers get the products that will most likely perform best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers on the market today - it's called Zytenz.

What's In Zytenz?


Incorporating an all-natural set of ingredients utilizing many well-established elements Zytenz includes: Niacin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Caltrops, Arginine, Catuaba, Eurycoma Longifolia, Mucuna Pruriens, Avena Sativa, Maca and Resveratrol.

It should be noted that this list has no documented history of health risks or unwanted side effects. On the other hand the official website for Zytenz does not provide any of the history or known properties for the individual ingredients.

Research And Testing

Having a strong set of ingredients is crucial to a creating a good product and showing that to consumers by listing them on the product package but it is equally important to provide consumers with data that shows that those ingredients were formulated in such a way as to make them both safe and highly effective. The best way to think of this is to consider a product that utilizes a top rated set of ingredients but in amounts which would not be high enough to work well. In order to prevent this type of problem most reputable producers will conduct a high degree of research, study as well as a series of clinical trials.

Reviewing all of the information available from the company and other outside resources we were unable to locate any data which would indicate that any of this type of study or testing was performed on Zytenz.

What Real Users Are Saying About Zytenz

It's a fact that most companies tend to use testimonials and user reviews as a selling tool because these types of comments have been proven to be highly trusted by consumers. However, since most of these types of reviews are found on websites and in marketing material that are created and controlled by producers or sellers there is a clear, obvious and inherent bias associated with them. With this being the case we always seek out other less biased sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Looking at numerous industry sites not connected to Zytenz or its producer as well as several chat rooms and online forums discussing male enhancement we found many independent user reviews for this product. Reviewing the overall ratings it became clear that most of them had a rather negative view of their experience with Zytenz.

Is Zytenz Safe To Use?

Considering the complete set of ingredients used in making this product there is no reason to believe that there are any significant health risks for healthy men since these elements are in wide use throughout the industry. Still, it is always advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning a daily regimen.

How To Purchase Zytenz

A one month supply of this product is available both through the Zytenz official website and other outside online retail outlets. Because the pricing for this product varies broadly across these platforms it would be wise for consumers to do their research before making a purchase.

The Final Analysis

When men discover that they are experiencing the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction many are turning to a high quality male enhancement supplement. What we decided to do here is try to determine if Zytenz is one of them. To do this we looked at three basic factors.

The first was to see if the ingredient measured up well against its top competitors and it is clear that they are comparable. The second was to see how this product was formulated and, unfortunately, the producer has not made any data that might support the claims being made available for public view. The third was to see what independent user reviews had to say and of the many that we encountered the majority did not believe that they received any significant benefit even after a long period of use.

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