Does penis size matter?


If you're like most men, then you certainly wouldn't say no to another inch added to the size of your penis. But why?

Most men would agree -- penis size really does matter. Within limits. Men with an above average penis size can relax and feel smug, men with a below average penis size can argue that it's irrelevant. And guys with average equipment can shrug and say they don't care.

But what do women think about penis size?

When asked how important penis size, most women would agree that it's not so important. Good sex, they say, is much more about technique and the emotional bond between the two lovers. Penis size is no more relevant than shoe size or hair length.

On the other hand, a small penis can make sex difficult. Having a larger penis enables the man to engage in a wider variety of sexual positions, especially those that make penetration more difficult. This is one of the reasons you very rarely see a man with an average penis in porn films. (Also -- bigger penises are easier to film.)

Too much of a good thing

A very small percentage of the human population have penises up to seven inches long -- and longer. Though this may win the admiration and envy of many men, most women would think twice before having sex with a penis quite that generous. Remember -- for many women penis size is more or less irrelevant. They don't care if your penis is 5.017 inches or 6.285 inches, as long as it's enough, without being too much.

Oversized men can cause physical damage to a woman's uterus and vagina while having sex. Both excessive length and girth can cause these problems. Remember, from an evolutionary perspective, a man whose penis is so big he actually damages his mate is not likely to be able to pass on his genes.

There are even some cases on record of women bleeding to death after sex with an over-sized penis.

Ways to improve penis size

Women and men agree: confidence is sexy. For many men, increasing their penis size is a sure way to gain the kind of confidence that makes bad sex good and good sex great.

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase penis size. The right penis enlargement pills, combined with penis enlargement exercises such as jelqing, can make a lasting and considerable difference in penis size.