Andro Penis Stretching Device


The Andro Penis stretching device hasn't received as much attention as some of its competitors, which is strange. The Spanish parent company, AndroMedical, has spent a lot of time and money marketing their device to doctors. The Andro Penis is available without a prescription, however, and is even marketed online by an active affiliate program.

The Andro Penis device costs $499.99. It is available online and at some clinics and doctors' offices in the US.

What does the Andro Penis device do?

The Andro Penis device shares the principles of similar penis stretchers. A soft, adjustable loop on one end of the device gently pulls at the head of the penis while the other end of the device is braced against the body. Two arms on either side are lengthened or shortened to increase or decrease the stretching pressure applied to the penis.

Stretching the penis creates microscopic tears at the cellular level, which heal after the stretching is complete. Due to tissue expansion, the length of the penis increases. Gains in penis girth are also reported with this medically tested penis enlarging device.

How to use Andro Penis

The Andro Penis device is worn daily for a certain period. Those who go to a doctor to receive their Andro Penis device will have a course of wear recommended. Most people wear the device about three hours per day.

In Europe, some doctors prescribe the use of the Andro Penis device to help those recovering from penis enlargement surgery.

Andro Penis: our evaluation

We highly recommend this penis enlargement traction device. Andro Penis was one of the first companies to offer the penis enlargement traction device and many sites actually resell their device.

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