Size Genetics Penis Stretching Device


The Size Genetics penis stretching device is probably the most well-known penis stretcher available on the Internet. The Size Genetics system is heavily marketed by affiliates of the Men's Niche affiliate program, who also bring you the Pro Solution Pills and Volume Pills. The main characteristics that distinguish the Size Genetics device are the great upsell pressure for the $389.95 package (which comes with lots of Pro Solution and Volume Pills) and the one year guarantee.

The Size Genetics device, including spare parts and shipping, costs $299.99.

What does the Size Genetics device do?

The Size Genetics penis stretching device follows the basic design principles shared by all penis stretchers. The head of the penis is held in a soft loop at one end of the device. The other end of the device is designed to push against the body, against the pelvis. Adjustable arms apply gentle pulling pressure to the penis, slowly stretching it.

Stretching the penis creates microscopic tears at the cellular level, which heal when the stretching force is eased. Over time, the ligament that binds the penis to the pelvis stretches, providing increased penis length. It's important to note that penis stretching devices like Size Genetics increase penis length only, not girth. To increase girth, you need to combine exercises like the jelq with a good penis enlargement pill.

How to use Size Genetics

Each Size Genetics device comes with detailed instructions, but they boil down more or less to this: wear the device as much as possible, 2-5 hours a day. Take breaks. Take their Pro Solution Pills to increase blood flow to the penis and to help your penis girth keep up with length. Approximate gains are said to be about 1/4 inch per month.

Size Genetics: our evaluation

The Size Genetics one year guarantee is impressive (considering that competing penis stretching devices have guarantees half as long). The inclusion of spare parts to replace breakage or to help extend (or even diminish) the size of the device is a great idea. And the detailed Size Genetics guide is an excellent addition.

Does Size Genetics work better than daily stretches and jelqing? Probably not, but because you spent $300 on the Size Genetics device, you're a lot more likely to stick with the plan rather than just give up on it.

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