The Vimax Extender


The Vimax Extender is, as you might have guessed, brought to you by the makers of Vimax penis enlargement pills. The Vimax Extender is promoted by an online affiliate network. It's priced about the same as its competitors, and has a similar guarantee. It even looks like other penis stretching devices. So how does the Vimax Extender stand out? Read on to learn more.

The Vimax Extender device costs $299.

What does the Vimax Extender do?

The Vimax Extender works along the same lines as other penis stretching devices. The ring base of the extender goes over the shaft of the penis and braces against the body. The soft silicon loop at the end is snugged down over the head of the penis. The tension bars on the sides of the extender maintain a gentle but steady pulling pressure on the shaft of the penis.

Stretching the penis creates microscopic tears at the cellular level. These tears are healed by the body and result in increases in quantity of tissue (along the same lines that stretching of earlobes works). Gains in penis girth do not always keep pace with length increases. To increase penis girth, we recommend jelqing combined with a good penis enlargement pill, which boosts blood flow and helps to maximize gains experienced through stretching or jelqing.

How to use the Vimax Extender

Daily use of the Vimax Extender is recommended. Each device comes with an instruction manual that has a recommended daily regimen. It's important you follow the Vimax Extender instructions -- if you don't, you void the terms of their guarantee! So remember to follow the instructions.

Vimax Extender: our evaluation

The Vimax Extender is practically indistinguishable from its competitors. The only way the Vimax Extender really differentiates itself is in its guarantee. In order to return the product for a refund, you must use the Vimax Extender every day, following the instructions, for 6 months. If you experience no gains in penis length, only then will you be granted a refund.

There are much better guarantees among the Vimax Extender's competition.

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