The Ropes and Volume Pills: increase ejaculate and semen volume


Increasing the volume of ejaculate is a nearly universal symbol of male potency and virility. For that reason, it is also a near-universal male desire to increase ejaculate and semen volume. Many men consider this a matter of confidence. We all know a bigger load is associated with sexual prowess, virility and libido - isn't that why porn stars are able to ejaculate such massive quantities of semen?

This desire isn't as simple as vanity. An increase in ejaculate also means an increase in fertility and potency. More semen volume means more sperm - and therefore a much greater chance of a successful pregnancy. Increased ejaculate also means a more intense and better male orgasm, because the orgasm necessarily lasts longer to ejaculate the larger volume of semen.

Volume pills

A handful of products exist to increase the volume of a man's ejaculate, and therefore increases both the potency and the virility of the man's semen.

Impressive results can be achieved through the use of volume pills - results equal to those you see in adult movies. Learn more about volume pills here.

The Ropes

The Ropes is a phrase frequently used to describe extended male orgasms and, by association, the contractions of a male orgasm.

The term itself comes from the European sexual underground and refers to the number of contractions a man experiences during orgasm. In America, "the ropes" often refers to actual strands of ejaculate. Learn more on our page about The Ropes.

Better male orgasms

Increased ejaculation and increased semen volume mean better male orgasms, period. But there are several other exercises and techniques that can be employed for better male orgasms.

Learn more about other methods to attain better male orgasms here.

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