Average cum volume


We're men - we're fascinated with measuring, evaluating and numbering things. That's why most scientists, explorers and engineers are men. But even those of us in non-technical fields are drawn to numbers and want to know if we're above average (all right!), average (acceptable) or below average (whimper) in just about everything.

The average cum volume per ejaculation ranges from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. That's teaspoon - the little one. No, that's not very much. But it is the average cum volume per ejaculation.

Volume pills can boost this amount anywhere from double up to four times the quantity. So if you want a truly huge load, volume pills are your best bet. Read more tips to increase your cum volume below.

Tips for increasing your average cum volume

Average cum volume diminishes with age, but there are still approximately the same numbers of active sperm in each ejaculation.

Remember - increasing your cum volume will help to increase the duration and intensity of your orgasms, along with the number of sperm in each ejaculation. Volume pills are a definite and realistic alternative to years of Tantric training. Get a volume pill today - read our recommendations for more information.

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