Volume pills to increase fertility


Volume pills definitely increase the volume of male ejaculatory fluids, and therefore the duration and intensity of orgasm. But do they boost fertility as well?

Anecdotal evidence, gathered from visitors to this website, supports the theory that volume pills increase male fertility and sperm counts. We aren't sure exactly how, but we will discuss our theories with you.

Higher testosterone levels

Some volume pills formulas (including Quantum Pills) actually boost the male body's ability to produce testosterone. These boosted testosterone levels not only contribute to increased fertility, but also charge up the libido and sex drive.

Higher testosterone levels are clearly related to increased fertility and increased chances of conception.

Increased arousal means increased fertility

In recent decades, evolutionary biologists and other researchers have been making very interesting studies into human sexuality. And here's what they've found: arousal levels, levels of attraction and just about everything between men and women affect both partners' fertility levels.

Evolutionary biologists have established that the more aroused both man and woman are, the more likely they are to conceive. There are many ways to increase arousal, but because men associate increased semen volume with increased virility and masculinity, this confidence plays a large role in arousal and in sex.

Consistent use of volume pills, which enhance the sensations of male orgasm, likewise increase both arousal and sexual pleasure.

Volume pills contribute to sperm motility

Tests on a variety of volume pills have shown that increased sperm motility (movement capacity) seems to be a direct result a regular regimen of volume pills. Sperm motility is necessary for the sperm to reach the female egg and fertilize it, leading directly to pregnancy.

Volume pills aren't a replacement for fertility therapy - but for those men who need a boost in their fertility and virility levels, volume pills may offer the easy answer. Read our volume pills recommendations for more information.

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