About Male Multiple Orgasms


Female multiple orgasms are neither impossible nor even uncommon. As this good news about female sexuality spreads, men have begun to wonder - is it possible? Is there such a thing as male multiple orgasms? And - even more importantly - if male multiple orgasms are possible, how can I take advantage of them?

Yes, male multiple orgasms are possible. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to master. But male orgasms twice as intense, twice as long-lasting are within every man's grasp through the use of volume pills.

The reality of male multiple orgasms

In men, orgasms are strongly tied to ejaculation. In the classic sexual response cycle, after an orgasm, a man is physically incapable of becoming aroused again until at least a brief period passes. Women, in contrast, are able to have multiple orgasms because they do not experience "down time" between orgasms.

Men can train themselves not to ejaculate when reaching orgasm. This is a difficult practice and is only mastered among those highly trained in Tantric arts. A man must have a strong PC muscle, do kegel exercises regularly, and be able to remain calm during sex. Needless to say, this is out of reach of most of us.

Longer male orgasms with volume pills

So instead of male multiple orgasms, which require extreme dedication and long practice, most men must content themselves with single orgasms.

With the use of volume pills, however, men can double the intensity and duration of each orgasm they experience. That's almost like having a multiple orgasm - or like having two orgasms at the same time.

Here's how it works: volume pills increase the amount of semen a man's body has available. During orgasm, the body tries to ejaculate as much semen as possible. The contractions experienced during orgasm go on and on - emptying the body of semen.

On average, orgasms last twice as long and are twice as intense. But we have some reports of as much as a quadrupling of the duration of orgasm! That sounds incredible and it certainly isn't common, but can you imagine an orgasm that lasts ten or even fifteen seconds?

Ready for more intense orgasms? Read our volume pills recommendations and get tips on better male orgasms here.

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