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Ogoplex is a volume pill manufactured and distributed by Boland Naturals, one of the many names of Berkeley Nutraceuticals (the makers of Enzyte). Like their other products, Ogoplex has snazzy packaging and a lot of expensive advertising

A one-month supply of thirty Ogoplex volume pills costs $49.95 if you opt for the home delivery plan, which bills you monthly for delivery. If you don't want monthly billing you're stuck spending $149.95 for 180 Ogoplex pills.

Active ingredients of Ogoplex

Ogoplex has a single active ingredient: Swedish flower pollen extract. Unfortunately, which flower is the source of this pollen isn't specified.

It's true that the Swedes invented the phrase "the ropes" and, according to some versions of the story, even invented the first volume pill. But is Ogoplex's single active ingredient the same as the original Swedish volume pill? We have no idea.

It's also important to note that Ogoplex does not contain amino acids or virility enhancing herbs like most other volume pills.

How to use Ogoplex

A single Ogoplex tablet should be taken every day. Remember, keep up your intake of water -- this will help your body produce the fluids that compose your ejaculate.

If you experience indigestion or stomach upset, take Ogoplex with a meal.

Ogoplex: our evaluation

We're not big fans of anything in the Berkeley Nutraceuticals product line. We do not like the automatic billing program that forces you to buy month after month of Ogoplex whether you need it or not. The Ogoplex website lists the only non-auto-ship option as a six month supply of Ogoplex pills -- 180 pills! -- for $149.95. Therefore a customer is forced either to accept an auto-ship program or to spend $150 to find out whether Ogoplex works for them. These choices are not offered with the best interests of the customer in mind.

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