Roplex is a volume pill manufactured and marketed by Medspan Laboratories. Similar to Ogoplex, the Roplex formula is extremely focused on just two active ingredients to boost the male sexual experience: Scandanavian flower pollen and saw palmetto.

A one-month supply of thirty Roplex pills costs $39.99.

Active ingredients of Roplex

Roplex makes use of one of the classic ingredients of volume pills, in this case, Scandanavian flower pollen. "Scandanavia" is a term used to describe the nations of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and sometimes Finland. Which flowers does the Roplex pollen come from? For some reason, the makers don't say.

The other active ingredient in Roplex is saw palmetto, an herb long associated with male reproductive support and prostate function. Saw palmetto is another standard component found in many volume pills and penis enlargement pills. Because of its tie to prostate function, saw palmetto seems to increase the amount of seminal fluid produced by the prostate and therefore contributes to increased semen volume.

How to use Roplex

One Roplex tablet should be taken every day. Wash your Roplex down with a tumbler of water or fruit juice. Cut down on caffeine and sodas and replace them with water for the best results. Remember, stay hydrated! Getting enough water is critical so you can experience the full benefits of any volume pill and have the full pleasures of the ropes.

Roplex: our evaluation

Roplex is a very interesting formula that has promise as a volume pill. We wish the manufacturers of Roplex would provide a little more information on the source and exact nature of the Scandanavian flower pollen that makes up so much of their product. And Roplex is one of the few products that has actually been clinically tested by its manufacturers.

Roplex didn't quite make it to the top of our list, but we think this is a pretty good formula.

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