Why increase semen volume?


Some men instinctively understand that an increase in semen volume creates a corollary increase in the intensity of the male orgasm. Others feel that an increase in semen volume symbolizes greater virility. And some others want to be able to deliver the same awesome gouts of semen that porn stars are so frequently seen shooting.

An increased semen volume is a good idea for several reasons. And here they are, in order of importance.

Increase in semen volume means better orgasms

When a man reaches orgasm, his pleasure and ecstasy lasts as long as his ejaculatory contractions. The longer-lasting these contractions, the longer the orgasm lasts. By increasing semen volume, a man can greatly increase the length and intensity of his orgasms. Some men have reported orgasms lasting three times as long as before they began taking volume pills.

As amazing as it sounds, it really is possible to have longer-lasting, more intense orgasms just from taking a pill. Of course, there are steps beyond increase in semen volume that can prolong and enhance orgasms. Read better male orgasms for more information.

This is probably the leading reason men seek to increase semen volume.

Increased semen volume = greater virility

This is probably the most logical outcome of an increase in semen volume. There is an obvious correlation between the volume of ejaculation and the number of sperm in that ejaculation. Therefore, an increase in semen volume means greater fertility and virility. Many men take volume pills when they are having difficulty with fertility.

By enhancing the male reproductive system, Quantum Pills and Volume Pills enhance the motility of individual sperm, thus increasing male fertility even more.

Porn stars have increased semen volume

Every man who's ever watched an adult film has wondered, "How does he do it?" Indeed, male porn stars seem to be able to squirt nearly eight ounces of semen on command, shooting their load all over their partner. What's the secret? Simple - volume pills.

Any man who takes a good volume pill formula regularly will be able to greatly increase his semen volume - maybe not quite to porn star levels, but nonetheless to a respectable quantity.

Increased semen volume for fetish sex

Many men long to be able to re-enact scenes from adult movies, such as ejaculating all over a part or all of their partner. Some men want nothing more than to fill a woman's mouth with semen.

Volume pills can help these fantasies to become realities. An increased volume of semen can help just about any man feel like a porn star and make these scenes happen in the bedroom.

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