How to increase sperm count


Many men who are interested in volume pills are interested for reasons of fertility. That is, they are seeking to increase sperm count, to increase the chances of conception. Infertility and difficulties in conceiving are an increasing problem in our society for unknown reasons, though many believe that industrial pollutants in the environment are responsible for low sperm counts.

For those of you looking to increase your sperm count, there are a few simple and straightforward methods you can employ. These techniques have been proven and are effective.

Supplements for increased sperm count

The following vitamins and minerals have been shown in clinical studies to have an impact on sperm count:

Supplementation with these vitamins and minerals may be required to maintain healthy sperm. But be careful with zinc - excessive levels can build up in the body and become toxic.

Sperm hate the heat

Yes, it's really true that sperm don't stand up to heat very well. They need a temperature slightly lower than the body's 98.6, and that's why the testicles hang slightly away from the rest of the body.

Follow these tips to keep your sperm cool:

Remember, heat kills sperm, but not every sperm. Sitting in a hot tub before sex will not necessarily prevent a pregnancy and is no replacement for contraception.

Stop smoking

And we don't mean just cigarettes. Smoking tobacco has been proven to reduce the body's circulatory capacity and can even cause your erection to (gasp) shrink. Because of the decrease in blood flow, smoking has an adverse effect on sperm count. If you needed one more reason to stop smoking, here you go.

Smoking marijuana wreaks havoc on your sperm count. No one understands the exact cause behind this effect, but multiple clinical studies have proven the connection. Yes, it's bad news, but it's the truth.

Watch what you drink

Caffeine consumption can lower the sperm count. So your morning coffee might be part of the problem.

Also, drinking alcohol has been proven to decrease sperm count. Steering clear of alcohol can help boost sperm levels as well as prevent a lackadaisical performance when the time comes.

Volume pills are your friends

Increased ejaculatory volume means an increase in sperm count. Some volume pill formulas (like Quantum Pills) contain ingredients that stimulate the body to produce more testosterone - which also boosts sperm count.

These tips will certainly help to increase your sperm count, but even faithfully following all of these guidelines may not be enough. If even after dedicated effort to increasing your sperm count fails, it's time for a visit to your local fertility clinic for tests on both you and your partner.

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