The Ropes - what are they?


Most men have heard of the phrase "the ropes" in terms of semen, ejaculation or volume pills. But most people aren't sure exactly what the ropes is or refers to. Originating in the European sexual underground, "the ropes" have entered the English language and even taken on new meanings.

This article discusses the source of the phrase and what it means.

The origin of the ropes

Sweden, long respected for the physical beauty of its people and the high quality of its pornography, is the origin of the phrase "the ropes." Whether this is a translation of a Swedish term or just a transliteration is unknown.

"The ropes" refer to the number of ejaculatory contractions a man experiences during orgasm. As a rule, the longer these contractions last, the more intense and pleasurable the orgasm is. By increasing semen volume through the use of volume pills, the number and duration of these contractions can be increased, thus doubling or even tripling the duration of the orgasm.

The very first volume pills are thought to have originated in Sweden.

The ropes in America

The phrase "the ropes" entered into the language from the American sexual underground. Many adult film stars and producers studied the techniques and practices of the European industry, and imported a variety of things, including language (and perhaps even the first volume pills). The ropes was understood to mean the contractions a man experiences during orgasm.

But the meaning of the phrase soon changed. Now, most people understand "the ropes" refer to the actual strands of semen that the man ejaculates. When using volume pills, the consistency of semen can change from liquid to more gelatinous, and result in long threads or strands.

When most Americans speak of the ropes, they're referring to actual ejaculate rather than the contractions.

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