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Volume Pills (imaginative name, isn't it? Kind of like calling the new Ford SUV "Truck") is manufactured by the same company that brought us Pro Solution Pills. In fact, an examination of the labels of Volume Pills and Pro Solution Pills side-by-side will reveal an interesting fact: they have the same ingredients! Does this formula make better volume pills than penis enlargement pills? Read on to learn more.

A one-month supply of Volume Pills currently costs $65.00. Compare to a one-month supply of Pro Solution Pills: $78.95.

Active ingredients of Volume Pills

Volume Pills contain the following ingredients: L-arginine, zinc gluconate, tongkat ali, reishi mushroom, taj and safflower, solidilin, drilizen, musli, momordica, shatavari, apigenin and amla, cowhage, arjuna, bladderwrack, tribulus and cordyceps.

As noted on the Pro Solution Pills page, we can't figure out what taj, solidilin or drilizen are or what they do.

But momordica (Momordica charantia, bitter melon) actually reduces sperm production! Sperm are a very small part of ejaculate, it's true, but why would the manufacturers add an ingredient that reduces sperm production to a product that's labeled a "virility pill"? If you're thinking of taking Volume Pills to increase sperm count, think again.

How to use Volume Pills

Take three Volume Pills per day, morning or evening. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Maintaining proper hydration is healthy and also helps to boost the volume of your ejaculate production.

Volume Pills: our evaluation

Many men are interested in Volume Pills to boost their fertility, to help achieve a pregnancy, for instance. We think it's somewhat disingenuous to add a sperm inhibiting ingredient to a volume pill and then claim that the product boosts sperm count and sperm production.

We are also discouraged by the fact that Volume Pills and Pro Solution Pills have the same ingredient list, among which are several unknown ingredients. Considering that there are other volume pills with unique formulations, we cannot recommend Volume Pills too highly.

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