Xanogen Review


When my wife and I were looking to "spice things up" in the bedroom, I researched various male enhancement products before deciding on Xanogen. I can tell you this, Xanogen gives Viagra a run for its money! You simply take two pills a day and there's an immediate difference. Growth had notably increased, as well as my stamina. After the first week, my wife had experienced more than she could handle!

Xanogen is a natural male enhancement product made to raise testosterone levels and to improve the penis' blood flow. Unlike other similar products on the market, Xanogen is safe to take with alcohol consumption and, due to ingredients that facilitate fast absorption into the bloodstream, works very quickly. Xanogen is also very affordable, amounting to a mere $2.00 a day to use. Right now the company is offering a trial, so you can "try before you buy."

What is Xanogen Made Of?


The main ingredients in Xanogen's powerfully enhancing formula includes catuaba bark, epimedium, damiana, tribulus terrestris, jujube dates, and muira puama, among other natural supplements. Catuaba root is the leading penis pill in South America, rivaling Viagra's notoriety here in the States. Muira puama and tribulus terrestris have been clinically shown to increase libido and sexual performance, while epimedium increases blood flow for longer, stronger erections. Put together, this natural blend brings home mind-blowing results.

It's hard to find other male enhancement supplements that include the stellar ingredients you'll find on the back of a bottle of Xanogen. And if you think you can find the purity and the potency from anywhere else, think again! Xanogen is the only male enhancement supplement with the effective formula you need to get the male enhancement results you want. I am (and to a lesser extent, my wife is) living proof of that fact.

Xanogen Side Effects

Lots of other male enhancement supplements come with some really nasty side effects. Others are flat-out dangerous. Prescription male enhancement drugs are especially bad because of the risk they pose to your heart. On top of that, you have to have an embarrassing conversation with your doctor and pay expensive prescription drug prices in order to get them! Who needs that? The ones that you can buy from a dusty gas station shelf aren't much better, either. You have no way of knowing what's really in their formula. And what you don't know could do you a lot of harm.

Luckily, Xanogen is the opposite of dangerous! Out of the customer reviews I found while I was researching it on the internet, not a single one of them mentioned any unpleasant side effects. If anything, they were full of praise from other happy users. I also noticed some distinct patterns emerging.

For starters, lots of men experienced a testosterone boost. Only a few of them were proven through blood tests (because those tests are expensive if you don't absolutely need them), but many others reported symptoms sounded like clear signs of higher testosterone production. The guys who worked out frequently noticed that they were putting on more muscle and getting leaner. Others started feeling more confident out of the blue. But where Xanogen really shined was in the improvements that it made to their sexual health.

Almost every single man who left feedback about Xanogen reported a sharp increase in sexual desire. For some men, it was just an increase of their regular horniness; for others, it had resurrected their libido back from the dead. And this wasn't just benefiting them, either. Just like my wife, there were a ton of happy girlfriends and spouses out there who were thanking Xanogen, too.

One of the biggest things other Xanogen customers were satisfied with was the increase in erection quality. And I use the word "quality" for a reason. After all, what good is a bigger erection if you can't use it? While I was taking Xanogen, my erections were larger, harder, and I was finally able to give my wife the force in the friction she really wanted in bed. And I was able to maintain that erection for much longer, too.

It isn't just your erection that'll last longer, either. The longer I took Xanogen, the longer I could go in bed at night. Whatever your average time in the bedroom is, think about doubling it. Or tripling it. Or quadrupling it! It wasn't long before I transformed from being a two-pump chump to lasting over half an hour. After a few months, I had gained the ability to go multiple rounds in one night with only short breaks in between.

Thankfully, there are no negative side effects associated with taking Xanogen for male enhancement. But there are a ton of positives that you can look forward to. It's easier than you think to get a hold of your own supply. If you want to get your hands on some Xanogen right now, you have two choices: either by your own supply outright, or take advantage of the brand new Xanogen trial offer.

Xanogen: More Bang For Your Buck

The best thing Xanogen has to offer is its price tag. These pills can be bought by the bottle or in bulk, which can save you over $100.00! That's sure to fit any budget. What's more, these botanicals are safe to use and produce an undeniably potent difference that is sure to make her moan. My wife sure did!

Xanogen Trial

Right now the company is doing something really exciting for brand new customers: they're offering a Xanogen trial! You can order your first bottle completely free, no payment necessary, and try it out on your own for a couple of weeks. If it doesn't work on you for whatever reason, you can send it back and you won't owe them a dime. It really is that simple.

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